The objective of this form is to obtain feedback from the students in order to assist the faculty to improve the strength and identify the week areas so as to make the process of Teaching-Learning more effective.

Please give your independent views by putting (✓) in the column you feel applicable to the faculty.

Sl No Questions for Response Excellent V.Good Good Fair Poor
(5) (4) (3) (2) (1)
1 Teacher is punctual and regular
2 Teacher's level of preparation in the subject
3 Teacher speaks clearly and audibily
4 Teacher writes/draws legibly on the chalk board
5 Teacher provides examples of concept/principle
6 Teacher answers your question and clarifies doubts on the subjects
7 Teacher makes the class interesting ,interactive and stimulates interest on the subjects
8 Teacher maintains discipline in the class
9 Teacher offers assistance and counselling as and when need
10 Teacher is impartial to all students
11 External Activity apart from Teaching